Meet Alice – The Smart Virtual Business Assistant

AI Driven Automation will change the way companies operate & make business more agile & smart

Technology is changing how people and companies get information instantly and act on that fast. Business users and executives are slowly changing from getting daily/weekly reports or summaries to real time dashboards and AI driven conversation assistants.

Real time dashboards & UI enable fast access to information and with interactivity executives, operations and business users can drill down to see the impact of various facets on the outcome, which drives decision making faster. However the interface is still not natural and requires learning of screens, filters etc.

Real time information access and drill down is fast but it requires understanding of reports, screens & filters etc.

So what can we do to put information on the fingertips of business decision makers quickly and in a natural way?

Alice – AI powered business virtual assistant

Solution = AI (Cognitive Core) + Smart Data Layer + Domains

Zero UI Cognitive Approach

At InsightLake we are working hard to enable companies leverage power of AI to redefine operations and decision making.

Insight Lake AI Platform & Virtual Agents

InsightLake platform provides AI cognitive core, data management and virtual agent framework along with blueprint of many industry specific data domains. Companies can build business virtual agents/assistants which enable business users/decision makers to get the information fast and act on it quickly. Decision makers can use voice or text in natural language to query or perform actions.

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Using InsightLake AI platform, companies can build knowledge and business agents. Business agents are called Alice. Business users can ask Alice any question related to deployed skills.

Alice can be deployed on mobile apps or websites. Alice can be also deployed as VOIP call agent.

Smart Data Layer

Smart data layer allows companies to perform data centric activities like ingestion, harmonization, cleaning etc in an easy and automated fashion. Components of smart data layer are:

  • Data management – ingestion from different sources (Databases, REST, FTP, Streams)
  • Data cleansing & enrichment
  • Crawlers
  • Security policies

Cognitive Core

Cognitive core layer provides following features:

  • Natural language processing and generation
  • Personalization
  • Machine learning and deep learning models
  • Simulation

Dialog / Skill Management

Dialog and skill layer provides following features:

  • Skill creation using skill designer
  • Intent detection & parameter identification models
  • Dialog state management
  • Action integration with smart data layer

Skill/Dialog Designer

Interactive Skill/Dialog builder allows creation of new skills or dialogs very quickly using an intuitive UI. These skills or dialogs connects to smart data later to provide insights and perform actions.

  • Queries – Interactive dialog based queries to drill down to finer details
  • Actions – Execute models, invoke workflows etc.


InsightLake’s smart data layer tightly integrates with security layer, which provides role based and fine grain control of the data.

Prebuilt Skills/Dialogs, Models

InsightLake has built many skill blueprints for different data domains/business functions. These blueprints can be easily customized.

Data Domains

Some of the prebuilt data domains for different functions like Finance, Accounting, Marking, Warehouse etc are:

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Retail shelf recommendations
  • Pricing recommendations
  • Vendor supply optimization
  • Competition analysis
  • Inventory optimization
  • Marketing – Intelligent offers/Ads, Acquisition recommendation & simulation
  • Cash flow optimization & recommendations
  • Accounts payables and receivables optimization
  • Audit recommendations
  • Demand forecasting
  • Stress simulation & recommendations
  • Cyber security recommendations
  • Manufacturing optimization


InsightLake platform works on cloud and on-premise. It leverages Big data technology and provides horizontal scaling.


Times are changing and people are relying more and more on AI driven automation from Tesla Auto pilot, Alexa to automated news stories. AI represents a new opportunity for companies to make decision making efficient. Our goal at InsightLake is to provide feature rich AI solutions with prebuilt models so companies can quickly integrate AI in business functions.


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Comprehensive Big Data Platform


Core Services

Data Management

Data Management allows customers to ingest, process, prepare and manage their data sets. Following are the functionalities provided by data management module: 
 Ingestion    Workflow     SLA monitoring    Re-conciliation     Endpoint monitoring    Exception handling

Metadata Hub

Metadata Hub creates, imports, stores and exposes metadata about enterprise data assets. Data assets can be systems (databases), schemas, folders, tables, files, fields or even data rows. It uses robust data profiling to capture and enhance metadata with additional logical, categorical and domain specific properties. 
 Table and profiled file schema  Profiled tags and properties     Imported ontology     Metadata at data level     REST API

Data Quality

Quality center allows companies to profile their data sets to get a clear picture around their data sets. It allows creation of data validation and cleansing rules, which can be plugged into data management workflows. 

 Data Profiling     Validation     Cleansing

Data Governance

Controlling who owns the data, who can modify and whether data contains sensitive information is critical for an enterprise. Data governance module allows creation of data council, management of data ownership and data sensitivity/criticality. 
 Manage client and systems     Manage governing council     Manage external feeds


Dashboards allows companies to build interactive data stories from their data sets. Companies can easily build static or real time dashboards and schedule the report generation. 
 Automatic Dashboards     Live Dashboards     Scheduled Extracts

Data Security

Enterprises today are storing large amount of data in data lakes and data stores to gain insights. At the same time regulations are forcing companies to protect sensitive data sets and conduct regular audits. This poses a big challenge for enterprises to manage data access security in a central and easy manner. 
 Fine grain access authorization     Masking, filtering, location based access    Hadoop and Relational DB support     Comprehensive audit logs

Document Repository

Utilize power of Big Data to store documents like text, PDF, Microsoft Word, images etc with contextual tags. Easily search documents based on tags and content. 
 Document exploration

Document Generation

Generate data driven documents like fillable PDF forms, statements, letters, invoices, email templates, reports etc. Generate PDF and AFP formats. Create automated workflows to generate the documents. Archive generated documents in distributed storage (S3, HDFS)  
 Fillable PDF forms    PDF & AFP     Automated workflows  Archival

API Service

Lot of times companies need to share their data sets with partners, vendors and customers. API Service enabled them to share their data sets using secure REST APIs. It allows them to control who has access to the data, how many times can someone access it etc. 
 Secure REST API     Rate Limits     Data Security


Build machine learning models using drag and drop designer. Segment the data sets using clustering models. Classify and predict variables. Run scenario analysis. Perform event pattern matching.  Perform social tracking.
 Machine learning    Scenario analysis    Pattern Matching


Data Project

Create and manage data projects, which require period based lifecycle management. Perform data ingestion, quality checks, transformations,  reconciliations, adjustments, reporting and lock down of reported period data.
 Period based project    Data lockdown

Customer 360

Gain holistic view of your customers, how they are interacting with your company, products and services. Tap into their age, geo, demography, purchase & spend patterns, apply machine learning models, create scores, create effective marketing and track their attributes over time. 
 Holistic interactions     Rich attributes  Scoring models     Machine learning

Merchant 360

Gain holistic view of your merchants, how they are interacting with your company, products and services. Tap into their geo, demography, transaction patterns, apply machine learning models, create scores, and track their attributes over time. 
 Holistic interactions     Rich attributes  Scoring models     Machine learning

Agent 360

Gain holistic view of your agents, how they interact with your company and customers and how effectively they perform. Tap into their geo, demography, apply machine learning models, create scores and track their activities. 
 Activity tracking    Rich attributes  Scoring models     Machine learning

Cyber Security

Security Op-center enables security team to get the holistic real time view of the network events. Using threat models it classifies traffic flows in white, black and watch lists. It also allows security team to provision automatic remediation rules. 
 Holistic network view     Threat detection     Remediation

Fraud Management

Fraud manager allows companies to detect online transaction fraud in real time. It enables creation of complex business rules, scoring models and machine learning models to detect fraudulent patterns. It allows companies to manage black and white listed entities. Enables them to do pattern matching and detect anomalies. It provides pluggable actions and incident management capabilities. 
 Real time detection    Complex Scoring     Machine learning  Pattern matching  Anomaly detection

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze large volume of text and perform sentiment analysis. Perform domain centric keyword weights to do effective evaluation. Integrate sentiment tracking with issue or incident management and perform actions.

 Domain centric     Incident management    

Campaign Management

Campaign Manager allows companies to bring their campaign analytics on multiple channels at central place and gain cross channel insights. They can then measure channel and placement effectiveness.
 Cross channel insight     Audience segmentation   

Audit Defense

Audit manager allows companies to perform internal audit, explore exceptions and monitor internal controls. 
 Internal Audit     Exception Tracking   

Ledger Analytics

Perform payables (AP) and receivable (AR) analysis. Reconcile with General ledger. Manage fiscal period’s data lifecycle. 
 AP Analytics     AR Analytics    Reconciliation  Fiscal period lifecycle

Event Tracking

Like Fedex tracking track events flowing through enterprise systems. Explore and perform complex event processing. 
 Event Tracking     Exploration    CEP

Brand Management

Brand manager allows companies and individuals to measure their brand’s influence. Identify issues in real time and track sentiment.
 Social influence     Sentiment Tracking     Issue management